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Price Rising for Endless Quaggan Tonic

These went from 1 gold to 2-4 gold buy orders in just two days. I am wondering if word is getting out finally about these awesome items. I have a few just from farming but now I wish I invested in them at the start of the escape from Lion's Arch event! I know some people that did, and they are wondering if they should sell. My advice is to sell half your inventory so you make gold now but speculate on the long term value of these as well. Their popularity might drop after the event is over and the next endless tonic shows up (whenever that might be).

If you want a long term market to invest in (assuming that these will not arrive in a future patch, but possibly on the gem store at some point), then I highly suggest investing in Endless Quaggan Tonics. There are several different colors to choose from, but black appears to be rising the most in terms of value.

Have you invested in these or perhaps found a few while farming? They appear to drop from regular alliance supply bags.


  1. Mark Klapheke said...:

    I have to disagree strongly for 1 major reason and that's that they're not soul bound on use. That means people can use them until they get bored and sell them and since they are endless this cycle will never end. The only way to take them out of rotation is to destroy them or if someone stops playing the game. As you pointed out, you have several, so do I, so do a lot of people. I would not risk speculating on these but I would be happy to hear a point I'm not seeing here.

  1. Cygmund said...:

    After I saw this I checked my listings/buy orders for the endless quaggan tonics. Prices PLUMMETED.

    Apparently alot of people took this idea really simply and just sold/are selling incredibly low. I still think they're gonna go up, but have been able to buy about 25-40 of each one for marginally less than yesterday.

    Are people just looking for the words BUY or SELL without wanting to know anything more? I mean, it's nice to see it, but I bet a platform like this could occasionally be tempting to use to push sales/purchase trends one way or another.

    Anyways, I've got a ton of endless quaggan tonics, and I think they've definitely got room to grow, with people dumping theirs off cheaply, and too soon.

  1. Markco said...:

    They have a very low drop rate and thoroughly enjoyable to brawl with. While you're right that they never lose value from the fact that they are not soulbound, they do not drop frequently enough for even 50% of the playerbase to all have one. There's a market here, and I'm wondering why everyone started to sell their tonics after this post.

  1. Markco said...:

    EDIT: I looked at the trading post and things seem back to normal; the price is back up to the 1-2 gold range for most of them.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    You Stated in the video about how your Skill points are about 1g each, Is this from a previous post?

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