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Salvage O' Matic Gold and Luck Guide Videos

I've come up with a simple gold/luck making guide for the Salvage O' Matic. The concept is so simple that you don't even have to understand what items salvage into in order to make the gold! Try it out for yourself with these two videos...

(Yes I know I said this would be for our secret forums only but at the last second I changed my mind. We already have an extensive guide for salvaging on there and I felt these videos would confuse people. Feel free to combine both strategies for the best profits.)

Salvage O' Matic Part I 

Salvage O' Matic Part II 

For the speculators out there and in case you missed it, I put a post out late yesterday on what to invest in after the Lion's Arch event came to a close. Don't miss out on those easy gold making opportunities!


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    What do you do with the upgrades you get?

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