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The Ridiculous Battle For Lion's Arch

The Battle for Lion's Arch is now a giant boss stomping ground and loot fest. Scarlet's generals roam around the map waiting to get picked off and each time you kill one another deluxe gear box enters your backpack. If you do all three robots that appear then you will receive 15 more boxes of gear! Each one contains multiple items and only reduces the price of Tier 6 materials further. I am actually considering investing in things like Elaborate Totem, Vicious Claw, Vicious Fang, and Powerful Venom Sacs. Their buy orders are remarkably low in some cases (as much as 7 silver less than the sell price). People are getting far fewer alliance bags at the moment, so a lot of items that were falling in price at the start of the event are starting to recover. For example, Silk scraps are starting to recover (1.6-1.8 silver), so expect those to rise back to 2 silver once Scarlet is defeated.

Use more powerful salvaging kits to get the best loot form rares (especially the ectoplasms). Consider holding on to all salvaged materials until their price goes back up after LA's events conclude.

How to Defeat the Red Blue Green Battle Robots

In case you're not sure how to fight the robots and bosses, pay close attention to their color and to the big glowing circles on the ground. Those big circles are not bad! If you are fighting a red enemy then you need to step in a red circle to damage them for one minute. Get the wrong color or no color and you will damage yourself.

Also, the robots will alternate between reflecting conditions back onto you and taking extra damage from them. Pay attention! If you are getting owned by the battle robot aoe's, then you need to learn how to dodge them. The smaller orange circle (still kind of big though) you can run away from and avoid damage. The REALLY big orange circle is too large to escape, so the solution is to RUN TOWARDS the battle robot to the small area around it which is not orange. Then, and you better be fast, you want to run away from the battle robot as soon as the bigger orange circle disappears. Basically the big orange circle pulls you in and then the robot does an aoe to finish you off. It's really easy to avoid once you understand it, and you'll want to position yourself just outside of the smaller aoe. That way you avoid the smaller aoe and have enough time to run in during the bigger one.

How do I Enter Scarlet's Drill and Kill Holograms?

Once you finish off all three robots, you'll want to grab all three colors (should appear nearby) and step into the transporter. Unless you have all three colors you won't be able to enter. Then, when you do battle with the holograms, you'll need to match their colors. The big one is a white, which means all three colors (just like the entrance). One trick I learned is that you can run through the big hologram without taking damage, as long as you don't go near any side of it that has an orange line or purple waves. So if the right half of him has damage shooting out, you can run through its left side to reach the red, blue, and green circles.

I haven't been past the part where you kill the big hologram, then the three smaller ones, and then face off against a hoard of smaller holograms. Only did it once before writing this article... and I can't imagine how many boxes of deluxe gear you get for finishing this!

How is the event going for you?


  1. The event isn't going so smooth for me. I've been fighting the Knights multiple times from beginning to end, doing quite a bit of damage and being under fire from them (loads of evades atleast since they made it a bit too easy, my ele is full zerker and no isses.) How-ever, once they're dead often I get no loot, I hear my guildies say the same thing, you've encountered something like this?

    In the Hologram-fight I haven't seen the Holograms drop anything yet, but the end-chest is pretty sweet. Overall I love the event, I prefer boss-fights with some mechanics over the non-stop pressing my AoE-skills in the massive annihilation from the previous event. How do you think the event stands currently compared to other farms, last living story you mentioned being farmers-heaven? :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Just a little remark: it is perfectly possible to dodge the robots´ big AOE. And if I can do this, everebody can - believe me. ;-)
    You just have to dodge when the red circle disappears, so there´s no need to run towards the robot.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Yeah just dodge roll when the big red circle disappears, much easier.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I put all the silk scraps I was getting during the Lion's arch event on the market for 2 silver, and was pleased to see that they sold yesterday, so silk has definitely started to recover. If I'd been more proactive I could have bought up a whole load of silk and flipped it, but I'm new to this and didn't want to risk it. There's still time though, maybe I'll give it a shot.

  1. Darla said...:

    Exact same experience as Esmee.... Have done all three knights and the hologram multiple times and have yet to get a single loot bag off of any of them (aside from a few supply bags off of some of the regular mobs appearing in/around the bosses... Possible bug? Or maybe the realized flooding the market with exotic loot boxes might not be the best idea....who knows..

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