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Turn Black Lion Salvage Kits into Gold

I recently got an email from Ed who reminded me about making gold utilizing black lion salvage kits. We all get them while leveling and perhaps you even have some from your dailies (3.5% chance). For whatever the reason, if you have Black Lion Salvage Kits handy then you can turn each one into as much as a gold in profits! Here's how...

Look at Exotic Runes and Sigils (moreso runes). For this example I looked at Dolyaks (which is what Ed suggested as well, thanks Ed!).

Selling one of these at 2 gold 4 silver gives you 1 gold 73 silver back (2.04 * .85 = 1.734).

Here's how I will search for Dolyak armor with this rune in it...

Going through the results (and checking buy orders since obviously there are no available buy outs)...

I found this guy: "Rampager's Pit Fighter Greaves of the Dolyak."

I have a 100% chance of getting the Dolyak rune from these boots. Upon winning them, that's an easy 40 silver profit before taking into account the 50% chance for additional rare materials!

Obviously I didn't buy these boots though... since every one of you who tries this method is going to start with Dolyak. Sigh, be smart and don't do that!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Not to mention chance of Ectos, Dark Matter, and chance of an Insignia (if you pick the right exotic to salvage). The cost of 1 Black Lion salvage is about 1g, but you can still make some gold out of it. It is very competitive and there are definitely auto outbidding bots in this market.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Air-Filtration Device of Antitoxin AKA Invest with your black lion's salvage kits (recycle them then hold the rune until the end of the actual event).

  1. Markco...i'd like to buy a 3 month sub on your forum but i dont have a credit card...Do you by chance have a paypal account. I have some money on paypal and we could do that? Please respond. I'd just love the info on the forum

  1. Markco said...:

    Step 1: create a free forum account.
    Step 2: choose the 3 month option.
    Step 3: pick PayPal from payment options (it's beneath credit card type I believe).
    Step 4: Enter your username after clicking on the resulting PayPal success link.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    lol u bought a dolyak item maybe for 1.50 gold than spent 1 gold for using black lion (total spent 2,50) to get back 1.7 gold + some globe (34 silver)?

    Don't seems a good idea on cheap runes rofl

  1. Markco said...:

    I didn't spend any gold on the black lion salvage kits so I'm not including it in the calculations. You can get them from dailies and then use this method to earn money from them.

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