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Why Not Invest in These Today?

Let's try a little experiment this weekend, and I'll tell you what I did last week for big profits. I purchased on Sunday morning (East Coast) and sold on Thursday late night for the following items:

Artichokes purchased at 71 copper and sold for 86 copper. (2 copper profit)
Raspberries bought at 94 copper and sold at 1 silver 49 copper. (32 copper profit)
Blackberries bought at 23 copper and sold at 32 copper. (4 copper profit)
Blueberries bought at 23 copper and sold at 30 copper. (2 copper profit)

I purchased 2 stacks of each item in about two minutes of effort. I did my due diligence, checking the price of competition both when buying and selling to snipe easy buys or to overcut people who were pricing too low. Consider using tips like the 250 item buffer rule when posting (you need to right click -> buy more at trading post to see the current listings for an item you wish to sell). I know it's annoying and often pointless, but there are times when it really pays off. For example, there were around 120 Blackberries priced between 28 and 30 copper, none at 31 copper, and a handful at 32. Selling at 32 made the process profitable for me and then some. Worked great for the Raspberries as well; earning me an extra 10 copper there per item.

In total I made .3 + 2.4 + .3 + .15 = 3 gold 15 silver for two minutes of searching/listing and about three seconds collecting.

Obviously I invested in a lot more than four items, but if I list them all then you won't make an attempt to learn for yourself. This should get you started... so start shopping this weekend and wait to sell until later in the week. Here are 50 more items to flip... remember to investigate similar items instead of just using that post verbatim.


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