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10 Gold Challenge and 5 Qualities of Great Gold Makers

Can you turn 10 gold into 100? Even if you have a lot of skill, get 1000% profit on your investment is damned near impossible. It takes crazy changes like patch notes or game updates to achieve such numbers. The best way to make gold is slowly and steadily over time, sort of like building a financial snowball. You need to identify how much time can be spent on the trading post and try your best to earn gold while playing other aspects of the game. You'll also want to make gold while you sleep, reduce how much gold you spend on frivolous upgrades and sell the items you farm intelligently (don't just sell to the highest buy order every time!).

How you run your life's finances tends to have a direct correlation to your gaming experience. In most game scenarios with set goals, players will slave away on the figurative mouse wheel until they have just enough points/gold to purchase the next best item/gear. Is it the same way for you in real life? Are you saving up just enough to put the down payment on a house, then going back to living from check to check? For most people that is how they go through life. I'm not saying that's the wrong way to do things, everyone has different priorities and goals (children are expensive!), but when you're gaming there's no reason to add the stress of being poor virtually. This is because you have much more control over the factors that make you poor in an MMO versus real life.

The best advice I can give you is to slow the hell down. Enjoying the journey needs to be a priority.

I get emails from people who have begun earning far more gold thanks to reading this blog and the average time to turn 10 gold into 100 gold is approximately 4 to 8 weeks. It varies a lot based on play time, with some people doubling their gold in a single week, but regardless of skill or time invested, the mindset of these players is always the same as they follow these 5 Qualities of Great Gold Makers:

  1. Avoid spending gold on things they don't need. If these players can survive right now and deal decent damage, there's no reason for them to upgrade. Skins and dyes for personal use are a complete waste of gold when you're trying to save up.
  2. Make gold from the trading post. This will require research into crafting material tiers 1-6 and how their prices change throughout the week. When they log on, they do not know if they will be buying or selling; that decision is made after reviewing the current price compared to prices they've seen in the past.
  3. They start small flipping with easy markets like low level armor and weapons. These can be flipped on a daily basis, instead of having to wait multiple days like with step #2.
  4. Utilizing my forums and blog, these players know the best ways to convert kharma, skill points and laurels to gold.
  5. Never stop learning and experimenting.

See if you can turn 10 gold into 100 gold after one month of using these 5 qualities of great gold makers.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I daresay add in a 6th rule. Look into speculation. I've made ton more gold this way than any other way. Yes, it's a gamble, but the trick is knowing when its a guaranteed win gamble and when it's just a simple guess.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hi markco, what do you think about the actual price of the unidentid dyes and when sell that?

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