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Combining Sigils is Gauranteed Money Right Now

A few days ago I left you with a very simple challenge to make more gold. How are you progressing? Have you made any changes to your game play in order to make the most gold?

One thing I would highly suggest you look into is the Mystic Forge.

Recently, sigils and runes went up in price, but the masterwork version of these items remained at the same value. Several shrewd members of the forum, mailers in game, and numerous other people had little light bulbs go off in their heads when I brought this change up. They astutely realized that you could just combine the masterwork sigils together and sell the rares for minimum price at a profit. Even if you just sell to the buy order price you can make a profit!

Here's how the math works so you can do this for yourself in the future with other markets:

They mystic forge has about a 1/16 chance of turning a masterwork item into a rare item.

1. Establish Cost Per Rare

Take the buy order price of a masterwork item and multiply by 16.

16 * 18 copper = 2 Silver 88 Copper

2. Determine Selling Price of Rare

Since you will lose 15% selling the rare item in fees, you multiply your sell price by .85. I looked at all the rare quality sigils and sorted from lowest to highest price. This gave me a 4 Silver 20 Copper value for the cheapest sigil.

.85 * 4 Silver 2 Copper = 3 Silver 57 Copper

3. Determine Profit

Just subtract the selling price from the cost.

3 Silver 57 Copper - 2 Silver 88 Copper = 69 Copper

At a minimum you are guaranteed 69 copper profit combining sigils right now! What's more, most of them can be bought out at 18 copper instead of having to wait on buy orders.

Can you find other items which this will work for? Possibly runes? You do the math and find out!


  1. Turbo said...:

    well I thought this would be a neat idea, but it takes so long to combine the stuff in the mystic forge, I made about 6silver in 6minutes, so 1s per minute, 60s per hour.. eehh.. and it's boring as hell

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I agree Turbo, but for people with small budgets it is nice to get started and earn some risk free cash to get started.

  1. Turbo said...:

    Well the best use I found for this is the green sigils that accumulate in your inventory anyways. Rather than selling them as is I now combine them for yellows.

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