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As this blog has grown, it's gotten harder and harder to give tips without ruining markets. There are flipping strategies that worked great when the blog was tiny but have become ruined by the sheer volume of people testing things out for the first time. I'm not saying that ALL strategies are being ruined, but enough are that people become discouraged despite their best efforts. Like everything, you need to apply a certain level of critical thinking to my advice in order to succeed. When I say jump, you shouldn't say how high, but instead wonder how far everyone else is going to jump and get there first ;-)

OK, so that wasn't the best analogy, but I hope you understand the point.  Part of the way I still give out good tips and spread out the timing of when people receive information, is by using the email list associated with this site. I can then use a combination of automatic and live emails to supply you guys and girls with more tips but to small groups at a time. If you sign up today, you'll get the first email, but somebody on day 25 will have a completely different email. This helps diversify when people try my tips out and should help to alleviate the problem of over-saturation. It also enables me to mold each new member to this site with the same series of advice which will help them become the trading post expert I want them to be. If they only came to the blog then I'd never know which posts they had read or missed already!

From time to time I post tips not found on the blog to subscribers (it's free). I get  A TON of tips from helpful people who like to confide in me, but very rarely does their information get passed on to the blog for fear of ruining their markets (but the email list is a great option for me). Usually I will come up with a related market which indirectly relies on their tip to work. On the right side of the page is the option to sign up for free tips, so please do so if you want the full experience of participating in this blog. Not only can you respond to any email to immediately converse with me, but you also get timeless tips to help you succeed. On occasion, I will post new tips with very timely information that could make you a lot of gold.

EDIT: If you are viewing on a mobile device, scroll down and click on the desktop view in order to see the sign up form on the right side of the page. It is titled "Get Crucial Tips."

In case you're worried about being sold on anything, the only thing I'll occasional advertise in passing is my forum, but that's already a common theme on the blog as well. Look, I'm doing it right here.


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    Is there any way to access past newsletters?

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