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I received the following email from a player named Flumek who has been learning how to make gold at a fantastic pace. Here's the advice Flumek had for YOU...


Thank you for the extra tips we're receiving as subscribers.

After my first week I thought Id write my thoughts if it maybe helps
you getting other newcomers involved.

1) Patience.
I often think I already won when i get my cheap orders fulfilled. I don't have
lots of data so I'm nervous and sell the item for lower than i could or create walls myself.
Or when something doesn't sell overnight. Solution is to like you said, sell your stacks 1/3 at a time
and just stay lazy and let it sit for another day to three for price to come up again.

2) Notes / spreadsheets
I thought why bother with this? i can do my 0.85 math before i buy something or just
go for big margins. The advantage of even just a handwritten note on my desk like

spider potion 115 / 170

becomes huuuuge. Even with just 5 items in same category i didn't remember anything
when i came back after 3 hours. So it prepares you for later, you save time and you start
confidently maximizing profits by selling higher than current lowest.

3) Buy lots of different stuff
When I 1st realized u can make money from copper, i though id just buy 10000000
of it and immediately list 1 copper above for profit, and live happily ever after.
This ofc wont work.
But you can buy$sell a few of each ore. Or any other item. The real secret (notes again)
is to find the QUANTITY of each items you can sell.

4) Buy stuff you're buying
I was more confident in such stuff cz i knew the demand will always stay.

5) Reading gw2spidy charts
If i don't wanna waste time and slowly get my own notes it helps me just jump in.
Another thing i didnt know is GoldWars2 is FREE. i saw it payed sometime ago and didn't bother since.
Now they've said it had success and went free.

6) Set yourself a goal/minimum
What i mean is if there's lots of items to choose from, you can be picky.
If i say my highest order will be 30c, then i don't bother other people and overbid at 31.
I buy other items, they get their items. Win-win

Well this are again just the main points i came to realize,
Ill write another mail as this ones getting long.


  1. Cygmund said...:

    Wow, didn't realize goldwars2 had gone free.

    That's exciting news...

  1. Iaan Krynauw said...:

    Yea, I like joined the 4 Day trial only a month back and after I didn't bother going back.

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