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Help I'm Always Undercut

I get a lot of emails from people specifically stating that flipping isn't working for them because sellers are constantly undercutting their buy orders. Think for a moment, is this physically possible?

Yes, it is possible for people to undercut you after you place a sell order.

But is it possible for prices to always decrease? No, at some point they must go back up. So if you stick with it for more than a few tries, you should eventually see success. Keep in mind that when you're winning buy orders, the price tends to be going up, so it's also a good time to sell. When you're not winning buy orders, the price is going down, so you wouldn't want to win right now anyway!

Best defense against this is to start figuring out the "normal" price for an item. Then you can take one look and decide if it's time to buy or sell. Most people start off by just placing buy orders at the current price of an item they heard about on this blog. What if the price is high today? Then you're going to wait forever for buy orders you really shouldn't want in the first place.

Start writing down the price of a tier 1-6 crafting material of your choice every day. Eventually you'll have a grasp of what range of prices it can have, which will help you decide on buying versus selling every day. Don't just go onto the trading post presupposing that today is a day to buy!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    While we are on the subject of undercutting. When I go to sell something I see things like 8 listed by 1 seller so ofcourse I'm going to undercut by 1 copper.

    These people who are listing 8 or more items, do they actually making any profit? Does that actually work? Because If I come along and undercut by a copper and sell, who's to say someone else is not going to come along and undercut me or undercut that person again who has 8 things listed.

  1. Marvin Varela said...:

    It all depends on the item. For example, in the case of Silk, you can follow the 250 rule, list thousands at the same price and still sell them all. If it is a piece of armor, then selling 8 may take its sweet time.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Like anything else, it will typically follow a weekly cycle. Marcko makes mention of this weekly cycle fairly often. Take a look at an item on a site like gw2spidy which shows the price history. Even if the price is trending up or down overall due to changes in the game, you will see a repeating sinusoidal cycle every week. Typically, you will see a minima around Tuesday night into Wednesday, which is the price you should shoot for when buying. Likewise, you'll see a maxima sometime during the weekend when trade volume is high. That's your guideline for sale price.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Why even undercut.Its just like the idiots undercutting watchwork sprockets,I list around 50 -100 a day,just matching whats up there,10 minutes later it was undercut 6 times each a copper..Know what players buy in bulk.your just shorting yourself.There is only one Black lion trade in the game/across all the servers people.your items will sell (raw mats)..gear i don't even bother it gets salvaged or into the mystic forge.
    I get undercut on all raw materials,know what it still sells within 5-20 min.

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