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Investing in Tier 1 and Jewels

Guild Wars 2 is on sale until April 13th. In fact, it's 50% off the normal price! You should expect to see the price of tier 1 materials rising as new players enter the game and attempt to level their crafting disciplines. Hopefully this will cause copper ore to rise to where it was pre Lion's Arch events.

If you're looking to speculate on the coming April 15th patch, I also recommend that you start buying any jewels that are selling close to the vendor price. I know a lot of items like that dropping in Orr that will surely rise as we learn more about jewelcrafting 500.

Just for general speculation in the future, it is often wise to buy items close to vendor price just for the hell of it. Many items this past year have risen to 500% the vendor value through intentional and unintentional patching by ArenaNet.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Do we know *anything* about jewelcrafting 500 at the moment, or even if it is coming? I've seen nothing about it in feature patch notes, and am starting to doubt if it will be implemented anytime soon.

  1. To be fair, not being announced or featured makes it all better imo, that way prices can keep going down and we can keep stockpiling items.

  1. Marvin Varela said...:

    Once again, I would like to reiterate that it is easy and cheap to get ascended jewelry with laurels and that you can get also many items using fractals drops and fractals currency. I don't see the need to craft ascended trinkets or ascended rings, amulets at this point. If they release jewelcrafting 500, the only reason it would make sense it would be for the release of legendary jewelry crafting.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    I had about 50000 Silk Scraps (not exaggerating here!) somewhen in October 2013 when they were
    at 9 or 10 copper sell price. I thought about storing them since it's impossible for them to fall any
    more, but due to lack of inventory/bank space I sold them all to the vendor for 7 copper each
    (the walls at 9 and 10 copper were just too high for me to list all those scraps at the trading post).

    Then in January 2014 they skyrocketed to about 210 copper at the buy orders (and there were
    enough buy orders for me to sell all Scraps for more than 2 silver each). I NEARLY KILLED MYSELF!!!
    Well, I was quite disappointed. :)

    50000 Silk Scraps for 7 copper each: exactly 5g
    50000 Silk Scraps for 2 silver each: 1000g before fees, 850g after fees

    So I missed the opportunity to make 845g profit with pretty much no effort at all (except for the 200 storage space)!

    Let this be a lesson for you, just like I learned from it (hopefully) :D !
    You can't lose too much gold with this, either nothing happens at all, or you make tons of gold by just waiting!
    I've started buying Thick Leather Sections as they are in the exact same situation right now.
    I hope a future patch will either grant them a new use or drastically cut the supply. Until then I'll have to live with the fact my storage characters and bank slots are full. :)

    Happy trading!


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