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Post April Patch Gold Making

I'm all about champion and boss farming now that magic find affects your drops from bags. Anyone who has been salvaging for profits and luck should be jumping for joy. If you don't know how to make some luck from salvaging, I highly suggest you try my post on globs of ectoplasm. This method usually results in a loss of gold for quite a bit of luck. There are riskless methods on our forums that result in great profits, but less luck per hour.

Speaking of champion farming for bags, Queensdale is one of my favorite places for training. Just avoid the map chat fighting and you'll be good to go. Also pay attention for copper ore farming as that's free money while you're in the area. I believe that the popularity of this area is leading to the decrease in price of tiny supply bags. If at some point another area becomes very popular, expect the price of tiny supply bags to rise along with things like butter and jute scraps that come from those bags.

Here is a fantastic website for finding world boss timers. I discovered the link while listening to the recent MMO Reporter GW2 podcast. While going on my runs I'm not starting to listen to a host of podcasts (I run long distance), and MMO Reporter is one of the best.

One of the coolest features about the world boss timer site is that you can click to cross out a boss you've already killed.

For flipping strategies I added a new salvage method under my crazy thoughts. It's fast and easy money, perhaps 1 gold per set of buy orders getting fulfilled (about 20 orders of work) plus salvaging the items and listing them.

Finally, I have decided to get more publicity on the stockpiling of fine quality upgrade components prior to the jewelcrafting patch that is now imminent.

Use that search criteria and see which items are the closest to vendor value. Masterwork and Rare items are far closer to vendor price and are great deals as well for speculating on the jewelcrafting patch. Especially rare items which are usually only 1 or 2 copper above the vendor price! However, I believe that the fine quality items will see the largest profit from speculating (this is a change in my thinking recently).

I would highly recommend websites like Fast Guides for an insight into how the masses will level their jewelcrafting.

Here's an amazing write up by Draco on the forums about how to profit from investing (not just speculating but real investing).


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Where did you see that Magic Find now affects loot from bags? I know Anet said this for PvP, but is it also true for PvE?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Magic Find only affects the bags you get from pvp, not the ones from pve

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Nice article :)
    Where did you see that a jewelry crafting patch will come live any time soon though?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hey is there any official prove about the upcoming jewelcrafting patch or is it just a speculation?
    I didn't play for a few months so I'm not really up to date

  1. From Denmark With Love said...:

    Markco, you refer to the forum a lot and I'm considering getting in on the action in May. However, I'm curious, how many forum members do you have currently? Not from a profit-oriented point of view, but it'd be nice to know just how secret it is.

  1. DanSneider said...:

    Nice post, as always :)
    Do you also expect ores to go up in price after the jewelcrafting patch, maybe only (Mithril and) Orichalcum?
    I've already taken up your advice and bought Masterwork Ugrade Components for about 30g and have calculated that I would only lose about 50s when selling them all to the vendor :)

  1. DanSneider said...:

    Oh and would you also recommend buying crests/medallions/seals as they're also at vendor price
    +1 copper at the trading post? Are they even affected by the upcoming patch?

  1. Markco said...:

    Dan - I'm going with Mithril because it's so cheap. Iron ore too but not yet (it's still dropping I think).
    I don't know about seals/crests/medallions, but you won't lose much if you're wrong.

    Denmark - There have been thousands of purchased memberships, but when I log on I usually see 20 people "in last 30 minutes." People sign up for 3-12 months at a time, take breaks, come back, etc. It's a constantly shifting group with a handful of hardcore people that always seem to be on providing useful information. There are a LOT of 100% readers as well, but I'm working to change that. Some new things we're adding are investment forums, spreadsheet for bag opening, and ventrillo server.

    Anon - No proof of jewelcrafting, just that it should be coming out before the next season of the living story.

    Other Anons - I am almost positive that I read it affects all champion bags, but I'll look again.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Before the next season of the living story? I highly doubt that. They won't put any new 500 crafting in anything less than a feature pack, now that they use this term, and we won't have two full feature pack during the living story break.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    "living story break"
    is there a living story break? :O
    I expected a new release today (April 29) because the last one is exactly two weeks ago.

  1. fatih said...:

    MF has definitely no Effect on champ bags. It has been explained by devs for several times that MF is only affecting loots from foes and pvp track rewards.


  1. With the recent change effecting champ spawns in Queensdale what is the new destination for farming those bags?

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