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Crafting Guide to Get Rich in One Week

This is the holy grail of crafting in Guild Wars 2. At first it will appear confusing and overwhelming, but within hours you will transform from crafting noob to elite pro. Get ready to turn previously useless crafting skills into personal ATM's.

Behold, the ingenious GW2Profit.

My secret to using this site is the ability to find items you can craft and then sell to buy orders for a profit. That's right, you will instantly make money selling to buy orders instead of waiting for sell listings to complete. The only time you'll be waiting is if you use buy orders to acquire your crafting materials. In almost all cases you must do this, but once in a while you can just buy things out, craft, and sell to the buy orders for insanely fast profits.

Right now we're dealing with the festival of the four winds, so not all crafting methods are going to work well. This is due to the increased price of crafting materials. There are plenty of opportunities though and this website is updated frequently from the game's servers. It does not sink with gw2spidy and uses its own algorithm.

GW2Profit Crafting Guide

Set trade activity to 25.

Click Crafting (Buy) tab.

For this experiment, we will look at Mighty Chain Boots.

As you can see, it has a crafting requirement of 50, costs around 7 silver 2 copper to make and can be sold to the buy order for 9 silver 26 copper. Your profit would be 85 copper each time.

Click on Mighty Chain Boots link to see stats on the item’s history.

You’ll have to scroll down, but towards the bottom of the page are two tabs:

Choose Item production tasks. You’ll see this screen:

This gives you the exact sequence needed to craft the item. If you obtain all items with buy orders, craft the item, and then sell to the buy order on the boots then you will make a profit.

Try finding other items that aren’t in the top 10, as they will have the most competition immediately after my article goes live.


  1. Draco said...:

    An incredible site that has so much information. Explore it and experiment with it. Can't say enough about this site!
    Hope you all find this site as helpful as I do.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The site designer is also extremely responsive. Post something in his Help/Comments section and he'll respond pretty quickly or even add new features. I asked him if it was possible to show what is profitable to craft just by fulfilling people's buy orders....essentially being able to sell your craftable items immediately. He had the feature on the site (Crafting - Buy Tab) in about a week. I tipped him a gold in game for the help.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The website is down. are there any equivalents?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The website is still down, if you have any suggestions on an alternate, they would be greatly appreciated.

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