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Four Winds Salvaging

The festival of the four winds is upon us, and while most players are running around attempting to get all the achievements, I've been camping the trading post. Salvaging is a literal gold mine right now, and I am shocked at how long it's taking people to realize this. I tried yesterday to get you into salvaging with a tip at the bottom of the post, but now I'm going to be a little more obvious.


To get you in the right mood and show you some examples, I focused on level 1-4 white armor/weapons and showcased exactly how to make gold from this strategy. I did all this live with current prices so make sure you do your homework before buying everything that's not nailed down.

The faster you get on this, the more profit you will make. Be careful, as level 0, 5, 10, 15, etc white items are usually not salvage-able. Figure out what items come from the whites you're salvaging and you'll make great money. It is based on light, medium, heavy armor or type of weapon. You will get on average 1.5 quantity of common items each time you salvage, so use that as your price gauge. You'll see me do this in the video a few times.


  1. MrTyer1988 said...:

    Hi Markco, thanks for that tip. I do this now for 2 days and yes it is profitable!

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