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Four Winds Skins

"Hey Marcko, it's Fenn here... An italian subscriber :)

I have two questions for you:
First I want to ask you what would you do if you'll have 2 Dragon Jade tickets. Is this a good moment to buy skins and sold them for 80g one?

Second, with the Crown Pavillion and Bazar Of the Four Winds return it is possible that all the related skins would be again dropable. If so, I thought to speculate and buy some skins (like backs) and wait some months for a big price raise. But there is a chance that they'll introduce other skins and the current ones will raise again. I think I'm going to buy just 2-3 back skins just the day before patch. What do you think about this?

Thank you for your answer!
Best Regards,

If people are able to get the same skins during the event again then the price will drop. Given that scenario, it would be wise to buy the skins now with your tickets and sell them asap. No telling what the future holds for them, so I put them in the high risk category right now. However, a lot of people are speculating on the skins, so this gives you a way to make gold prior to the event if you have the tickets/skins already.

Since the skins could be dropping again, you might as well farm them like the rest of us instead of trying to buy them pre patch. Also, the price could drop lower than it is now at some point during the event, giving you an opportunity to buy them and stock up.


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