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Gems Finally Break the 10 Gold Barrier with Four Winds

It took 5 months longer than I originally predicted, but gems have finally smashed the 10 gold barrier. If you've been hoarding them since last Halloween when I predicted their rise to 10+ gold, then you should start slowly selling your gems. When Christmas hit and we only broke the 8 gold mark, I predicted that summer would surely be the point where we passed 10 gold. Note: Gems are purchasing at 10 gold and selling at 7, but when I suggested buying them they were well under 4 gold. That means you can get a nice little profit for your investment right now and throughout the entire summer.

Use dollar cost averaging to make the most of your profits, especially because I predict that gems will continue to rise throughout the early summer months. Lots of players returning, new players joining thanks to the reason discount on the game, and Arena Net continues to innovative by adding items to the gem store we all want.

Sell off some of your gems each day, every day for the next month or so. This way you'll make the most of a rising trend in sales, without trying to guess at the best price and dump all your gems at once. That's the whole point of dollar cost averaging; whether you are selling or buying in small increments, you protect yourself from losing opportunities thanks to sudden swings in the market.


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