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Only 362 People Will Get to Jewelcrafting 500

Orichalcum Ore is doomed.

With a supply of only 280,000 Orichalcum Ore and millions of players who will need it to level to Jewelcrafting 500, a disaster is surely looming. One website, gw2crafts.net, has a write up that believes it will cost 772 Orichalcum Ore to level Jewelcrafting 500. If you divide 280,000 by 772, you get 362 lucky people who will manage to max out their Jewelcrafting to 500 before the Orichalcum Ore is completely used up.

What does this mean? The price of ore is going to go up and fast as other people realize this. Even now, people are investing in Orichalcum Ore because of the Four Winds Speculation. Today, which is typical for a weekend, I saw Orichalcum Ore spike almost a silver in an hour.

Get in now people and buy Orichalcum Ore, because word on the street is that recently data mined information suggests the new Jewelcrafting 500 patch isn't far away.

EDIT: For those doubting my credibility... don't forget my calls on silk scraps (12 copper to 2 silver) and Kharka Shells (200% increase).


  1. Anonymous said...:

    What if it is like the other trades and you can start crafting a new T7 material at 450? If being one of the first to 500 isn't an issue for you, one could level up that way (albeit very slowly) using T2-5 ores. Then one could either use the materials to make jewelry at 500 or make a tidy profit on the TP (because you bought loads of T2-5 on the cheap).

    It would still be bad for Ori because you'd need it to get to 450, but could possibly mitigate a 1929-like rush. Surely, the economist they have on their staff has pointed out this supply discrepancy. I know I'm giving ANet a lot of credit, but I can't see this going into a full bore collapse. You're right to be concerned, though.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    And what about the tons of orichalcum in the banks of the players? That should surpass the 280.000 by far. A short survey in my middle sized guild already showed that we have stored around 15.000 Orichalcum ore in the guild alone with an average of around 800 ore per person. I do not think the situation is as grave as it seems. (Not saying that ori ore won't rise, but it's not like only 362 people will manage to lvl up Jewelcrafting instantly.)

  1. Ranging Rabbits said...:

    I have 4.8k Ori Ore stocked up without buying any, some people just don't put it for sale!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    You got your own Reddit thread


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'd rather invest in Thick Leather Sections. Cheap, big supply, easy chance of being apart of the festival.
    Then buy Orichalcum Ore when the speculators get disappointed and the price goes down. If it isn't apart of the update, there should be small and short crash. However if I'm wrong speculators will make a profit on this update, but at least I didn't take the risk.

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