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Precursors, The Mystic Toilet and YOU

A reader recently emailed me about it and that's what put the idea in my head.... I've mentioned this before on the forums but in light of recent price changes I'm going public with this one. OK, in order to make some of the best profits from flipping you need to look at markets where people don't want to sit around waiting for buy orders to get fulfilled. They want their items now which means profits to anyone more patient than the masses (that's you).

Here is a video detailing how to flip level 78-80 weapons. As a bonus, I talked about salvaging low level weapons for 200%-300% profit at the start. Enjoy!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I always have a question in my mind that what is your standard to consider that is profit if the armor/weapon you buy already expensive than a copper ore/green wood log? I confuse that which item i can buy for mf and profit.

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