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Secret Container Worth 25% Profit

I posted this information last week to the forum members, so if profitability has been reduced since then that is the reason. Hopefully it is still a good 5-10% profit, as it was sitting at around 25% profit pre-forum post. I have made it a habit to put these kinds of tips on the forum first, so that is one of the many benefits behind joining.

What's important now, as one forum member pointed out, is to look for other, similar markets where the same logic can be applied.

"Hey Markco,

Here's a neat way I came up with to make gold. I started looking at containers and the drop rates of items inside of them. One really solid container I found was the Hidden Hoard (buy price 53c as of writing this). It contains the following:

Beryl Shard
Chrysocola Shard
Coral Chunk
Emerald Shard
Opal Shard
Ruby Shard
Sapphire Shard

Each item has a roughly equal chance of dropping (I've opened about 10.000 of these). If we take the sell price of each item

Beryl Shard 1,73s
Chrysocola Shard 0,68s
Coral Chunk 0,60s
Emerald Shard 0,52s
Opal Shard 0,74s
Ruby Shard 0,49s
Sapphire Shard 0,61s

Add them up = 5,37s
5,37s divided by 7 = 0,767...s
Remove taxes 0,767...s * 0,85 = 0,652...s ~ 0,65s

This means that only buying Hidden Hoards with buy orders gets you a ~ 23% profit after selling the fine materials. I've been buying these for a very long time and I'm keeping them until the 500 JC patch arrives as it will most probably spike material prices.



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