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What to Do On Vacation from GW2

"Hi Markco,
I have a couple vacations planned this Summer where I will be gone for about a week. What are some tips you would recommend for players that will either be gone or want to take a break for a few days that will make their return all the more fun and lucrative?

Terrific question!

The time you're going to be a way is a major factor... but what I would do is spend an entire hour just placing buy orders so you've got this huge stockpile of items to sell off when you get back online. Since you'll be gone a week, you might be able to get those buy orders fulfilled at cheaper than you're used to. Try placing incremental orders like so:

50 at price X
50 at price X - 10 copper
50 at price X - 20 copper
50 at price X - 30 copper

Then see just how low the price dipped while you were away!


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