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What to Do With Enameled Dyes

"Hello there!

So i have a serious question about maximizing profit with my 2 dyes i invested in before the patch. These dyes are Enameled Crimson dye and Enameled Sky dye, top 2 expensive enameled dyes. They have already risen by quite a bit from previous 50-40 to now 90-70 respectively (really round prices). The question is, when to sell them? Do you think they will go up in price? Down? maybe stay same?

Thank you in advance, love your blog, keep on what you do!

Here's my advice for your specific situation. Sell your Enameled Crimson Dye for as much as possible, then hold out for another month on the Enameled Sky Dye. You make some gold now while it's ensured and then you have a nice little investment that could grow over time.  I expect that anyone else who made similar investments could do the same. This kind of strategy is what I use for seasonal skins, dyes, tonics, etc.


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