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Brendon and I have had an ongoing email Q and A, so for the first email please go here.
"Thanks for the reply, that's really helpful. I have a few more questions that I thought of recently.

1.) I watched your Exotic flipping video. When you speak of flipping exotics, do you mean named exotics like Monsoon or Truth, or do you mean just standard weapons that happen to be exotic (like this: https://www.goldwars2.com/items/detail/26504/)? Or do you mean any exotics, and does that also include stuff like crafted exotic armor and so on?"

All exotics.

"2.) Is there any way to see how expensive an item has ever sold for/how cheap it has ever been bought for? It's my understanding that the graphs in sites like Gold Wars 2 show the current sell/buy listings on the Trading Post, but sometimes those listing can be listings that have been there for months, with people never actually selling/buying at that price. I would like to know if there is a place that I can find the highs/lows of prices for items that actually sold."

Guildwars2spidy.com has excellent graphs for this kind of research.

"3.) What do you think about salvaging for globs of ectoplasms? At the time of writing this, ectos are 38s 23c. So if I buy rares from level 68-80 for less than 32s 50c and average 1 ecto per rare salvage, I'm making a profit, right? What do you think about this method? I don't have a whole lot of money to play with so I can't really try it myself, which leads to my next question."

Try this post on Cheapest Method for Magic Find. For the salvaging profits, you take the price of an ecto and multiply by .85 = 32.50. You are breaking even. However, you are also receiving other items from the salvaging so those are all profit.

"4.) I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to make money."

Brandon proceeded to list quite a few methods he had tried that weren't working...

"Anyways, sorry for the long rant, this is really frustrating for me, are there any common misconceptions that you see people having about trading?

Thank you very much, 

Brendon, sign up for my newsletter on the right side of the screen. Mobile users and sometimes google chrome users have difficulty seeing the link. If so, view in mozilla firefox or the dreaded internet explorer to sign up. You will get a TON of useful tips as well as specific examples of profitable methods.

In case you don't want to sign up for the free tips, I highly suggest that you look into flipping armor and weapons sub level 25 (focus on the fine quality ones) to learn how to flip things instantly for a profit. Place only 1-5 quantity on each buy order for like 20 armor and weapons. You'll easily make some money but more importantly you'll put some good experience under your belt.


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