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"Hey Markco!

Thank you for all the tips you're providing!

What I was wondering, how much gold do you make per hour if you're flipping e.g.? I dont flip a lot, because it makes the appearance to me that the profit in terms of gold/time invested are not really worth it. I might be mistaken, but especially flipping low-profit items seem to be a solid way to make gold, but not much gold.

Since there are other means of earning gold, what would you say would be the gold/time invested ratio of flipping e.g.? Investing is another thing, since you don't need to place endless of buy/sell orders per day to make some profit.
I know the question can't be answered easily, since it depends on the niches or markets you flip and the margins etc.


Why don't you attempt to invest in long term items based on patches and analysis of crafting materials? Doing things like monitoring tier 1 and 6 items can do wonders for your portfolio. Buy low, sell high, but first learn what the definitions of high and low are!

People who make tons of gold on the trading post don't measure it in terms of gold per hour because they are planners and enjoy the big pay offs more than the little ones every hour. Flipping is best done long term, as in at least a week, and it requires a mastery of markets to truly understand.

The reason I recommend time consuming but profitable markets is because the lower the risk, the better the chance you'll succeed and learn something.

Start looking at prices and jotting them down, or spend a few hours looking at gw2spidy and playing with the charts.

I have several blog posts on this kind of thing:



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