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How to Improve Your Gold Making Further

"Hi Markco!

First of thank you so much for helping out the community!

I guess one thing off the top of my head that I'd like to ask is: Are there certain 'capital breakpoints' you reach, where the things you start to flip and make money from change? For example, I recently earned and saved my way to my first 100 gold ever! :D Setting aside say 30-40g (or should I set aside more?) what do you recommend I look into to make some good returns?

Cheers :)


I find that at this stage your portfolio becomes broader... in that you can flip larger numbers of items efficiently. Instead of focusing on what makes more gold, I focus on which deals make gold back the fastest (factor in risk and time instead of just profit percentage). The slower deals start getting phased out and before you know it you're only trading items that make you gold consistently and quickly.

That being said, I still play weekly crafting material markets, so one's definition of "consistent and quick" is going to vary.

Don't get lost in profit totals, but rather profit per week. That's a much better stat to get hung up on!

Also, you need to start looking at yourself as a supplier, much like a Walmart or Sam's Club. You get things in bulk and you sell them in pieces for maximum profit. Without destroying your cash on hand, you're going to want to pick up great deals to stockpile items and then sell them off in small amounts.


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