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How Many Items to Buy

"I do actually have a question this time. I understand the idea and concepts for flipping pretty well (buy low, sell high, seems easy enough), but there's one thing that gets me caught up every time I think about it: How much do I buy?

Items like Sigils and Fine crafting materials for example get traded pretty slowly in my experience, for example.

Do you have any tips for figuring out how much of an item to buy? I know I'm not technically losing money from outstanding buy orders, but I also know that money sitting there doing nothing in the form of a buy order isn't being very helpful at all.

Long term experience is key. I know that I can buy 100 low level armor/weapons at a time and sell them all within a day or two. But I can only sell 1 rare dye, exotic sigil, etc of each at a time.

That being said, buy orders should be placed because you will eventually sell the item for a profit. Can't just look at it as a money in money out right now kind of situation. If an exotic sigil goes on "sale" for super cheap and I know I can sell all 100 in the next month for a profit, then I buy all 100. Yes, I can only sell one at a time, but think of yourself like walmart ;)


  1. Draco said...:

    I agree with Markco's answer, and would like to add that you can get a basic determination of activity a few ways. One is look at the quantity of the majority buy and sell orders. Second is actually buying and selling in small quantities and increasing slowly till you find what quantity that market can hold without scaring others by creating walls.
    I use both methods and sometimes a combination of both to see what levels are feasible for my trading style. Experience and practice will eventually let you get better guesses on acceptable trading volume.
    Good Luck

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