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Price of Silver Ore

"Hey Markco what do you think about investment in GW2 now…

Since there’s bazaar flipping mats is good for earning money..

I was thinking of stocking up on quartz crystals as I feel they might be used in JC 500..

I sold about almost 30 stacks of silver ore, still having about another 30 – 40 stacks where should I go from now ?

Should I still keep investing in unid dyes ?

On top of that what should I do with bloodstone dust, dragonite ores and empyreal fragments.. I’m getting irritated by them…

Converting bloodstone dust into those toxic sharpening stone, crystals and oils ? Worth the mats ?

Any other tips you think I should follow ?

Awaiting your favorable reply Markco...

With regards,

Lots of questions... here are some answers Nicholas:

Save the quartz crystals as this event has killed them for the near future.

Hang on to your silver, it's practically back to pre event price.

Yes, invest in unidentified dyes. They've held steady when everyone else predicted they would drop in price. They'll rise eventually, I promise. But consider looking for additional items to invest in for the long term, like silver.

Keep the bloodstone dust and other high end commodities, you never know when new recipes will come about that use them. Plus, it's not super profitable to convert them right now.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    What about gold ore?

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