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Sick of Ore


Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to investigate this. Also, I was reading through your blog last night, and came upon the article that discussed Orichalcum Ore, the potential shortages, and the imminent release of 500 Jewelcrafting. After reading it, I sank a large chunk of cash into buying up a substantial quantity of the ore, in hopes that the price will rise a lot once the release of ascended jewel crafting hits.  To me this makes sense, as most crafting materials like it rose with the release of the other ascended crafting professions.

My question to you is this; what, in your honest opinion, do you think will truly happen when the release hits us? Will Ori go up? Or will, as some of the commenters stated, the price not change all that much as a shortage is unlikely to occur based on the fact that many players (myself now included) have large quantities stockpiled in their banks?

The other question I had was; would it be smarter to invest in Mithril instead? I will use ascended weaponsmithing or armorcrafting as my example for this. For these,The T6 mats (Ori, gossamer, and ancient wood) are not nearly as expensive to buy on a regular basis as their t5 counterparts are (Mithril, silk, elder wood) the exception to this being Mithril and Orichalcum.  Silk is far more expensive than gossamer simply because it is used long after you have reached level 500, and you need it as one of the major components to craft damask.  In fact, gossamer is not even used in ascended armor crafting itself.  Following this thought line would that not likely hold true for Mithril as well, seeing as how it will likely be used to craft whatever timegated item arena net introduces (likely the electrum ingots) for Jewelcrafting? You would then need Mithril for both electrum and mithrillium.

Following down this line even further, would it be smart to invest in gold, silver, and platinum as well? I would assume gold and silver won't rise too much because players (such as myself) can own personal nodes in their home instances providing daily sources of the stuff. But what about platinum?

These are just a few of the thoughts that have been rolling around in my head since reading your article last night. Let me know what you think, and thanks again for your time and help!

Excellent analysis Graham!
Here are some of my thoughts on your thoughts which will hopefully spawn a discussion of everyone's thoughts.

Despite the common idea that "everyone" has stockpiles of Orichalcum ore in their banks, even if a million ore is hidden away in people's banks (more than current amount on trading post), it's still not enough for how much will be needed. However, that isn't even your best counter to stockpiling the ore: You brought up an interesting point that T5 ore might be used more than T6 ore in leveling to Jewelcrafting 500 and beyond. In which case the Orichalcum Ore will not see sustained price increases, just a short burst for a month or so after the patch's eventual release.

I've been hoarding mithril, platinum, and silver ore for months. Some for the reasons you've stated, others because they are cheap and will likely go up the most compared to the other ores. Also, I can always mystic forge them to higher tiers, which I believe will be the best way to make gold from the shifting prices.

In the end, playing the field by purchasing many different kinds of ore is your best bet. We know ore is going up, it's just a matter of figuring out which one will make us more rich than the others ;)


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