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Using Spidy to Salvage Weekly

"Hey Markco! Cheeps here :D

So I've only recently stumbled upon your blog mainly because I've only recently decided I needed to be rich. For the past week or so, I've been reading up on your guides and tips and thanks to you I've improved my gold from 9g to 49g. I did this by salvaging mostly Ragged Garments (I tried metal scraps too, though, but I found that the garments made more money). I don't know what happened but when I salvaged and sold my batch this morning, it appeared as if I didn't gain significant gold. I usually have a 3-4 gold profit but earlier it's like I didn't even earn 1 gold.

Is this normal? Or maybe I did something wrong that batch... Regardless, I'm trying out one more batch to see if it was only a fluke. 
Also, any other salvage item markets that you would recommend someone who's sitting at an average of 45 gold?

 Let's look at Guild Wars 2 Spidy and see why you weren't selling. You emailed me on a Saturday and here is the price that you probably bought at: 4 Silver 38 Copper.

Ragged Garments Saturday

These items typically are at their highest on Saturdays and lowest on Sundays. This is actually a bit of a pattern for all salvaging items (generally speaking). Probably has to do with when players are online the most and when they are dumping their items on the trading post all at once. After the salvaging misers buy it all up, the prices go back up.

Let's also look at the price of cotton scraps (item this usually turns into when you salvage) were at a higher than usual value, but because you were also buying when ragged garments were expensive you probably didn't make out so well.

Cotton Scraps Saturday

I could totally have your prices wrong, but here's my advice for next time: Buy lots on Sunday, salvage the following weekend for big profits on Friday and Saturday.


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