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When Life Gives You Lemons...


Not fully costed out this one, but I've made 10-15g this weekend crafting and selling Unidentified yellow dyes (masterwork).

the retailer in the living story event that sells lemons reminded me of them, so I crafted a load and sold them for just over 20s each. Other ingredients were onions and bay leaves - onions are cheap and bay leaves cost minimal karma. There may be more lucrative ways of turning karma to gold, but as I was levelling my cookery on an alt, this got me a fair few skill levels and a ton of xp to boot

Feel free to pass this one on, may be worth looking properly at the figures though


Jim is on to something here. I've been looking into using Karma to make gold and cooking by far is the best method. Yes, if you have no cooking skill then you can use the 10k karma into 1.2 gold method. It's not difficult to look up the recipes and vendors for cooking items/recipes, so get searching and see what profits you can find ;)

If only there was a website for looking up what was profitable right now with cooking... oh wait, there is. That's how you get rich in one week!


  1. Draco said...:

    'Trays of' & 'Feasts of' items have a good return as well selling directly to the bid as well. If you don't have the recipe, you can make it by using one item of the tray or feast your making, 50 mystic coins, 15-20 bottles of Ellonian wine, and 15-20 crystals from you skill points. Worth it if you think hour going to be able and sell more of that item and profit off of it to breakeven on the cost. I have acquired quite a few that paid for themselves and then some. Wiki the recipe of the item to get exact numbers as the amount of wine and crystals differ depending on what the item is.

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