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A Better Way to Use Piles of Crystalline Dust

Guild Wars 2 Email... Keep it coming!
I may be posting irregularly at the moment but life will eventually get back to normal. In the mean time, your emails greatly increase the amount of content I can put out on the blog. Obviously not every email is worth mentioning, but the more you send the more I can help people with similar questions. Here's some emails I went through last night:

Rob wrote:

"Hey thanks for the emails.

I have been doing some research over the last couple of days. I'm sold on the [Removed: method for turning skill points to gold in our secret forum] etc are all gravy it looks like. I'm going to watch the ecto market once a week by week basis looking for patterns, once i can see a steady patten ill decide how much the extra magic find is worth."
(Rob's talking about salvaging with that bit about ectos... now for his questions...)

"Do you have any ideas about the best/most profitable ways to use crystalized dust? I can see a pretty easy 10% out of making master oils other than that i guess trying to find the best times to do T6 rare mats looks like the best 2nd choice.
Thanks for all your help."
You're right about the master oils, and that has always been a good way to convert piles of crystaline dust. One strategy that ties together what you're doing nicely is to salvage ectos at a loss (for the magic find) and instead of selling the piles of crystalline dust outright, convert them into master oils. This will reduce your losses or even possibly make you a profit.

You can create some real profit by bidding on rares to salvage (or watching the trading post and sniping deals) for ectos to begin the process of salvaging for piles of crystalline dust and converting to master oils.

Always try to re-evaluate how you obtain items and put them to use for making a profit. Keep in mind various in game systems, especially disciplines, for reducing costs or increasing sale prices.


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