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Creating "Invisible" Walls

"Dear Markco,

First of all I just want to say that your guides are awesome. They helped me a lot in on my way to digital currency success. I do have a question however. There are many times when I buy a relatively large amount of items and at once and want to list them for sale and I am constantly debating whether to list them all for the same price or spread the across multiple areas (generally within a cooper of each other). I was hoping you might have some input about my problem.

Thank you very much, Ilay."
You can do this, but keep in mind that anything left unsold costs you 5% to cancel.
This strategy is best used in markets that don't fluctuate much so you're trying to create the appearance of a deal. In those cases I tend to create a large gap between the two prices well beyond a copper each.

Otherwise you create the appearance of heavy competition/undercutting, which doesn't usually help your cause. If anything it will just insentivise people to undercut you further.
In the end such actions often have no effect on the process, since millions of people are buying the common sellers every day.
I know someone who used this strategy when silver was spiking in price in order to effect the market, but we're talking about 20%-30% of the total number of silver ores on the marketplace. For your average deals, there is no reason to spread out your prices. Just be sure to allow enough time for the market to buy up your items, and know that posting too many items is far worse than too few in terms of psyching out other sellers.

Dumping items tends to create large walls and bring attention to your market (more undercutting). Selling in groups creates an "invisible" wall that appears to be just a bunch of random players posting. That's the only time you want to stagger your listings. Just like my friend did with silver.


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