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How to Find Profitable Items to Craft and Sell

"Hey Markco,

Thanks for this info! I do seem to be having some trouble finding the profitable items to craft and sell. I use gw2spidy to sort to a rating level where I have a bunch of material stocked up (ie tier 2 wood/metal), and then sort based on demand to see where there's a good amount of interest in the items, and then look into profit to see where I can make some money. 

But often times these items which on black and white look would sell well (due to high demand and even/low supply), simply aren't picked up! What's going on and am I doing something wrong?

Cheers and thanks again for your help :)
I did a post on this in the recent past, so I definitely want you to check that out first: How to Get Rich In Guild Wars 2. That article outlines how to use another website to find the best crafting deals. However, it is useless if you don't apply common sense to the acquisition and selling of items.

A follow up post I wrote afterwards discussed Becoming Like Walmart. The idea here is that you take advantage of changes in the trading post based on what you know sells from experience. If an item you can craft, but more importantly sell, has materials going on sale, then you need to immediately buy as much as possible. While you might not be able to sell the crafted items all at once right away, you can slowly sell off an inventory of items over the course of several days or even weeks. It's far better to be in the position of having valuable items ready to sell than hoping to acquire them.

Be aware of the flow of item prices (you know gw2spidy, so that's a great start when looking at crafting materials) and you'll easily pick off great deals. You were just missing the other half which is having a tool for finding the deals (see previous link).


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