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Oooo Piece of Candy and 7 Other Things to Buy Right Now

Things to invest in as we move into the second half of summer:

1. Candy Corn

I'm predicting that Candy Corn is going to rise within a month just like it did last year. This is due to the Halloween event coming up in three months. The only difference between this year and last year is that Candy Corn has been increasing a little bit each month since the last Halloween event, making this prediction a little less than a sure thing. Invest at your own risk!

2. Unidentified Dyes

These will continue to slowly climb in price, so investing in them is a sure, albeit slow, strategy for making gold. Expect bigger upticks during the Christmas event and other times of the year when players tend to come back after a hiatus.

3. Iron Ore

In the past three months Iron Ore has gone up to 2 silver and back down to 1 silver like clockwork. Right now we're sitting at around 1.25 silver, so I recommend buying this up for a quick profit next month.

4. Thick Leather Section

Back in May of this year Thick Leather Sections rose to 25 copper, and I'm sure that we will see spikes like that again in the future. You just need to be patient and wait it out.

5. Grape

Grape speculation is a scary thing, because there aren't that many in circulation on the trading post compared to other cooking materials. One time a reddit post was created based on a post I wrote about grape speculation and the price rose to over two gold per grape! This was due to a patch that was supposedly adding new wines, and everyone assumed grapes would be used in the process. Anytime you see grapes as cheap as they are now, you should stockpile a few.

6. Butter

Christmas time is coming faster than you think.

7. Egg

Despite the fact that eggs have remained steady in price for a long time, I have noticed a steady decline in the number of eggs for sale. This should lead to a spike in price in the next few months.

8. Lump of Raw Ambrite

These are currently profitable if you are patient with buy orders and sell listings. You'll average 2 Pieces of Ambrite per Raw Ambrite you salvage. At that rate you'll be making around 10 copper per salvage.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'm rather sure we won't see Thick Leather Sections rise again in the near future. They didn't just spike (to 40 copper actually) for fun, it was the result of people hyping the shit out of them because of the traders in Bazaar Docks selling Zephyr Sanctum Supply Boxes in exchange for common crafting materials like Thick Leather Sections.
    Predicting another spike without further reasoning seems quite strange to me, except for the case that you predict it somewhere in the far future. In that case, I recommend using your bank/guild stash/storage character space for more profitable items.
    Even if you manage to sell Thick Leather Sections for 40 copper again, you will have a profit of ((40c*0,85)-8c)*250 = 65s per storage space. For a time span greater than a month this doesn't seem that much to me, I would rather use the space for iron, silver, mithril or orichalcum ore.

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