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Salvaging Lump of Ambrite Still Profitable

I'm selling my Ambrite pieces for almost 3 silver each and buying lumps of Ambrite for 3.75 silver. Even if your luck sucks and you get around 1.5 Pieces of Ambrite per Lump of Ambrite, you still get back around 3.87 silver. Minus the three copper for my fancy smancy Copper Fed Salv-o-matic and I'm salvaging about a hundred a day for profit. Prices fluctuate so the key is to pay attention to the market and wait for changes before placing buy orders or listing to sell.

I'm just surprised that this method still works, as I already mentioned it a few weeks ago. Oh well, easy money! Just remember that with low profit / low risk items like this you usually have to wait a little bit longer than normal for the buy and sell orders to complete.

On the private forum side of things... Alex sent me an epic upgrade to the original converting kharma to gold method and I included it in the Markco's Crazy Thoughts Section. It shaves off around 100 kharma per item from the crab vendor I first recommended. You can find the original strategy on the blog here: Turn Your Kharma into Gold.


  1. Draco said...:

    Have we checked to see if different salvage kits produce different results?

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Not profitable.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    No longer profitable, in case anyone's wondering.

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