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Show Me That Heavy Booty

Heavy Bags of Booty drop tier 6 items and are a wonderful way to make gold.... as long as you do the math right. Let's begin with a simple question:

"Hello Markco

I've been away from the game for sometime and can't get back into the groove of making gold, if you've got the time I wanted to run an idea past you if you have the time of course.
Are heavy bags of booty profitable? They seem to have a decent drop rate of t6 mats and offer lodestones and cores, on paper really don't see a downside to investing in a few stacks.
I know you've covered bags a few times but i can't see any mention on the web of heavy booty bags drop rates so wanted to see if you had any views on it first.

So KR wants to make gold opening heavy bags of booty. To start him off, I'd recommend reading this wiki page on them: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Heavy_Bag_of_Booty

Next, we need to consider how we'll make any gold off these bags. Buying them with buy orders will cost around 6 silver 50 copper at best. If we look at the most common drops for bags (common items) it's pretty obvious that in every one of those instances you'd lose money. Whenever common items drop you are just hoping to lose as little as possible, because the real money here is in the fine crafting materials (all worth around 35 silver) and Rare crafting materials like lodestones (30 silver to 3 gold). Any medallions or sapphires are pretty much going to be losses in addition to the common drops.

Since you can't count on lodestones dropping at a consistent rate (it's like 1% at best), you need to focus in on the fine quality crafting materials like ancient bones and powerful venom sacs. Any time those drop you will average 2 of them, so that's 60 silver or just under 6 bags.

You will lose, on average, around 4 silver per bag that fails. So that actually gives you a little better odds... instead of 6 bags to get 60 silver it's really 15! Now we're getting into profitable territory.

If you do play to win with Heavy Bags of Booty, be sure to know what the real winners are: fine quality crafting materials worth 30ish silver a pop.

Unfortunately, you can get fine quality items that aren't tier 6 crafting materials. When this happens (approximately 40% of the time), you take a hit to your profits and that's why I can't recommend this method as a great way to make gold. However, if you pay attention to the price of bags and get them even cheaper than 6 silver, you will vastly improve your odds. What's more, I've found it can be tedious trying to sell these above the buy order listing with lots of competition.

Making gold off these bags is actually easier when you speculate. The price rose for Heavy Bags of Booty by 200% when the latest patch hit. Since this bag drops the best crafting materials it will always rise when those materials become in demand. Next time there's a major living story update or anything like that, be sure to stockpile a few bags in advance.


  1. Rob Buckley said...:

    Now these bags are selling at 2-3 silver does that change the profit margins?

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