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The Gates of Maguuma are Hard to Say

There are four items you should be investing in right now and watching like a hawk:

  1. Orichalcum Ore
  2. Glob of Ectoplasm
  3. Quartz Crystal
  4. Piece of Ambrite

They are used to create Exquisite Ambrite Jewel which is a crafting material in Ambrite Amulets and Earrings. Expect the price of all four items to increase steadily over the next few weeks. Ambrite itself jumped incredible amounts in a very short time period.

So far I'm enjoying the living story very much, but the trading post is far more exciting!

Are you watching markets and investing in any items at the moment? I'm particularly interested in how long it will take Quartz Crystals to bounce back since so many people stockpiled them during the last event. They jumped initially at the start of the event on July 1st, but now they seem to have settled at the 28 copper mark. I predict that they will rise once more by next weekend, but whether it's enough to make a big splash is hard to determine. The Ambrite itself and Orichalcum Ore are probably the best investments and the ectoplasm will likely continue to grow in value (it was already rising prior to the event).

Be on the lookout for related items rising in price behind all of these (like crystalline dust).

FYI: I've noticed in the past that these living story events tend to flood the tier 5 and 6 markets with easy to acquire items (especially from salvaging). Be on the lookout for price decreases that create great buying opportunities.

Oh and watch for Nopale to rise... it's the new thing you get from cacti farming.


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