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Where Should I Invest 500 Gold?

"Hi Markco!

I've just gotten back to playing guildwars 2 recently and I've made about 500 gold in a little over two weeks, mostly by converting skillpoints to gold using the mystic forge. I was wondering if you could give me pointers on where to invest it? Also, do you think it is too late to stockpile on ores?
Hey Carlo, great question. I would recommend investing in ores still, but also in unidentified dyes. They are going to keep rising throughout the year and beyond.

For anyone wondering how Carlo is turning skill points into gold I highly recommend the information on our private forums.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Unidentified Dyes will rise, but may not be the best investment given how many of them still need to be bought up to see any significant price increase.

    Ores are a pretty safe bet for a 50-100% return when JC 500 is announced (though we've seen them introduce new JC and Cooking mats with this patch, who's to say that won't happen again?).

    I'm looking at Dragon Jade Weapon Skins. They're selling between 25-35g to buy orders and are the equivalent of 1 BLTC skin. Once Dragon Coffers' supply dries up and they move to 5 tickets per skin, they have the opportunity to be driven up to 400-500% of their current price.

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