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[Personal Post] Santa Slay for XBOX 360

Very, very rarely will I post on this blog about personal matters. If you'd like to skip this one then please go to the most recent Guild Wars 2 post - September 9th Shopping List.

15 years ago I made a game using the QBasic programming language that made me decide programming was my calling in life. At 14 years old I learned on my own without any internet help, which is partly why the game was so special to me; everything was original.

Fast forward to a month ago when I learned (super late to the party on this one) that I can easily create xbox 360 games. There was no doubt in my mind about which game I had to make first.

Santa Slay is available on XBOX 360 for a dollar. If I could I would have put it out there for free (xbox forces you to charge $1, 5$, or $10) because I want as many people as possible to enjoy this little romp. It's especially fun with a friend.

Here's a quick trailer:

If you own an xbox 360 and a dollar, please download the full version of my game and rate it. Until the marketplace has refreshed, you will need to type in the full name "Santa Slay" and press start to find it. Within a day it should also be available under "new releases" for indie games.

Thank you so much!



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