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September 9th Shopping List

Draco has done it again with an impressive write up on what to buy for the September Feature Pack in Guild Wars 2. Be sure to read why you're buying these items before you go out and do so. Also, be aware of their cycles (view gw2spidy) to predict the best times to place your buy orders.

Draco writes:

My Suggestions to stock up on for the September 9th Feature Pack:

  1. Silver ore
  2. Gold Ore
  3. Platinum ore
  4. Iron Ore
  5. Gossamer Scraps
  6. Truffles (both Snow and Orrian)
  7. Butter
  8. Eggs

So we have three weeks to speculate what ANET rolls out in the September Feature Pack. What can we possibly stock up on and why.

I'm thinking if it's going to be anything like the April 2014 Pack, we can possibly look forward to some tweaks in the Rune & Sigil system, Some advancement in obtaining Ascended &/or Legendary Gear, and a lot of changes to the PvP system.

Let's look at the PvP system, I can guarantee that we will be seeing some new fun finishes, some balancing of skill changes, and possibly another PvP Reward Track. Might even see a new PvP Map coming out.

WvW will be getting some attention as well. I'm thinking that we may see a new or expanded map here as well. We do know that there will be a change in the commander tag, allowing different colors. All for more gems of course (added gold sink) ). The tags will also become account bound not just character bound, but the cost is going to rise a lot! Also expect to see a variety of leveling scrolls, maybe even the ability to Mystic Forge them to combine them in some way ex: 3 20 level scrolls = go to 40th level, etc.

Now the important stuff: Potential changes to the way we collect & trade.

There has been a lot of talk with changing the listing fee's, possibly with an option of paying with Karma. Even though there has been a great response on the forums about this, I don't think Karma paying for fee's will happen. I think anything that has to do with paying for the listing fee or tax will cause all items across the board to increase in price to cover the 'value' of Karma.

I think more likely we might see a cap on the amount of items allowed to be listed at one time, maybe increase the amount we can bid or offer per order. An increase from 250 per would be welcomed, maybe allow bulk orders?  Another potential area that can be changed would be the amount of orders you can enter within a specific amount of time. I'm sure we have all hit the order error when we are cleaning out our inventories.

Will we see Jewel Crafting and Cooking to 500?

I'm hoping so, I think adding the ability to craft Ascended or Legendary trinkets would be awesome. I know the whole debate about making ascended trinkets verses buying them with Laurels. I'm just saying, I think making my Ascended trinkets or even Legendary quality trinkets would be fantastic and a strong possibility if Jewel Crafting goes to 500. If this happens, Personally I would stock up on Platinum, Gold, and Silver Ore.  Might want to grab a bunch of Iron as well if the back pieces in the past are any indication of how those might be made. Gossamer might be something  you might want to take a gamble on as well.

Cooking to 500 many say "what the heck are we going to make?" I think the ability to make boost that affect a party, or allies within a specific radius of the boosted player, foods that only work in WvW or PvE. Maybe high end foods or drinks that can only be used in PvP! Maybe for these cooking to 500 will require items like Truffles, rarer herbs, and some staples, like butter, eggs, etc. Cooking to 500 can also be used as a utility crafting profession to be able to make future living story items later.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    It seems you are outdated. At least on this point: allowing different colors. All for more gems of course (added gold sink) ). At first other colors should cost 300 gold ea which was announced to be changed into a cost-free feature on August 20th.
    * possibly another PvP Reward Track << Was already confirmed on August 14th.
    * possibly with an option of paying with Karma << If I interpret that correctly, it was just a community discussion without participation of John Smith. (Thread in question: https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/bltc/Add-Karma-tax-to-buy-orders)
    * Maybe high end foods or drinks that can only be used in PvP! << Highly unlikely due to the design of PvP as an even field for anyone, independent from PvE-Achievements.

    But Who am I...

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