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500 Gold Strategy Question

I won't be able to play today during the patch, so please post comments below about your experiences so far! While you wait for my comments, here is an interesting question from David about selling better once you have a lot of gold (500 in this case).

David asks:
"Hey Marcko, first I want to thank you for running a blog that seems to be beneficial to everyone.

Its been a big part of helping me understand both in-game economics and economic principles in general.

Ive finally gotten some decent strategies down which have gotten me up to about 500 gold ( combination of sitting on unique skins each month + high volume cheap trade).

Do you have any recommendations of what kind of goals I should be looking at to increase scale?

Basically, should I just keep increasing volume and markets I participate in? What I'm really looking for is a way to reduce clicks per day.

You're at a very good place with supply and demand gouging. You know exactly when to buy skins and when to sell them.

Have you gotten to the point where you play a market whose cycle is not so easy to predict?

I like playing high volume, high volatility crafting markets, especially the ones you can obtain through salvaging and bag opening. These markets go up and down with a very loose pattern, so I don't know when I log in whether I will be buying or selling. It's less predictable, but it is far less clicking and way more fun.

The second half of what you need to figure out is whether you have to play all those markets. Can you cut back on some in order to increase profits from the others? Do some of your skins sell out faster than others? Increase those and reduce everything else! It's always good to start off selling everything to figure out what works, but now you need to move on to using that information to sell more/better.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I'd suggest looking into "timed" investment options when you get that high in gold. Just my imo.

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