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Big money farming low level areas

This is a time sensitive post. Get in while you can!

(written by Draco)

Slabs of Poultry Meat are going for about 9 silver at this writing.

You can get this drop from low level areas. Fast kills equals fast drops and move on to the next ones.

How to get them:

  • Crimson Moa's
  • Green Moa's
  • Golden Moa's
  • Blue Moa's
  • Raptors
  •  Light Treat Bag
  • Bag of Pilfered Goods
  • Small Icy Bag
I find a decent drop rate of these in level 1-15 areas.

Grab them now before the price starts to drop!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    The Moa farming doesn't seem like a nice method to me even though the meat price is really high at the moment.
    Let's say the chance for a Slab Of Poultry Meat is 10% (I have killed 100 Moas in Queensdale and got 8 Slabs).
    Considering you can kill a Moa every ten seconds continuously (which is quite a good rate) makes you end up with less than 3g/h, which is very, very meh.

    1 hour = 3600 seconds = 360 Moas = 36 Slabs
    36 x 920c x 0.85 = 28152c = ~2.8g

    I'm not sure about the bags yet, I will open some of them "for science" and inform you about the results very soon!


  1. Draco said...:

    Between the Slabs of poultry meant and other drops (blues & greens get salvaged), I average over 4 gold an hour. Look for areas that are heavy in Raptors. Your assessment of 36 drops an hour is close, I have been getting just over 40 per hour.

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    Meat's not garbage :/

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