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Big Profits From Mini Investment

Written by Finn.

We all know there is something big coming towards us in the September 2014 Feature Pack on the 9th of September. But until now, we could only guess what changes will be made and speculate about effects on the economy for different items.

Today, another piece of the upcoming update was revealed and it contains very specific information!

In case you didn't read it yet, here it is:


For us traders, the gist of this announcement is that miniatures will be treated less as items in the future, but more as skins/dyes. Not only will the miniature collection be moved into the inventory (just like skins and dyes), but minis will also be destroyed when unlocking them. The access to that mini is then account-bound (just like skins and dyes!).

So what are the effects of this?

Because miniatures will be destroyed when unlocking their skin, their supply will be cut down quite a bit with this update. Also, many people are already starting to buy minis right now in order to get one of each kind before the update. This results in mini prices skyrocketing, and that not together with the update, but already now, a week prior to it.

Now here's my advice: Buy minis! All of them! Now!

I don't think the prices will fall down again, at least not before every player out there has read the news and the hype is over. I already bought lots of fine quality minis for 1-2g and relisted them for at least 1g profit, it works! People are not putting buy orders at the moment, they instantly buy one mini of each kind (except for the very expensive ones maybe), and there are many people like this out there! Try to take advantage of this opportunity as long as there are still players unaware of the announcement, who will then (after they read it) go out to buy the minis you relisted for profit before.

However, always be careful. Don't invest too much gold before you are sure this works for you. Also, don't take too high risks. One wrong click, one wrong move and you will regret it. Always go for gold amounts that will not totally ruin you when they're gone.

Some of the prices are already recovering (slowly) so take your chance before it's too late!

Happy flipping!


  1. Anonymous said...:

    I had already build up a collection of minis prior to the announcement as a long term investment, as prices long term went up and down. I can assure you I have been heavily rewarded ;)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Hehe, I know that feel.
    I was flipping Fine Minis from Set I about a year ago, buying between 40s and 50s and selling for at least 70s. Then I decided to keep the minis in my bank collection instead of selling them "just in case they're gonna rise somewhen for whatever reason". I didn't stop buying more of them though. As a result, I had about 40 of each of these 20 minis in stock already when the announcement was made. :D


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Ditto me. I bought tons of minis over the last year while prices were depressed, eg. Largos for 84g, Caithe and Scarlet for sub 2g. I sold most of them after the announcement and finally have enough gold to buy Eternity and invest in plenty of other things. It's nice being rich for a change! :)

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Wondering why they are tanking now on the day of the update though...Too many investors dumping? Some of the minis are 1/2 to 1/3 what they were 48 hours ago...

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Several reasons. Firstly, if you try to take just one mini out of your "collectibles" inventory now, the whole stack comes out and you can't put them back. Only one mini goes in the wardrobe slot. Yes, the extras now stack, but they take up valuable bag/bank space, and there's a lot of minis! So some people are clearing them out for that reason.

    Other people see the prices going down and figure they'd better sell them now to lock in their profit before the prices drop further.

    Others just need the cash now for other things and can't be bothered to wait for a possible bigger pay-off.

    Finally, the biggest spikes frequently come right before the event as everybody rushes in to buy what they need, just in case prices go stratospheric or quantities become limited. It becomes a self feeding frenzy of increasing prices. The trick is to sell during the peak of the frenzy.

    Timing is everything. But the prices for many of the minis are still double and triple what they were before. So people who had put aside a good stock can still profit as people fill out their collections. Just not as wildly as during the peak.

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