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Getting Loaded from Lodestones

Written by Draco.

What you need to do this:

  1. Calculator; or use the one on your phone, computer, or grab one from your kids or you own school supplies!
  2. Crystalline Dust (1 per upgrade)
  3. From Mystic Forge Merchant:
  4. Bottles of Elonian Wine (1 per upgrade)
  5. Crystals Crystalline Dust (1 per upgrade bought in lots of 5)

Lodestones fluctuate throughout the week. Usually highest on weekends.
You need to know a few things when upgrading cores to loadstones for profit:

  1. Price of Elonian Wine is 25 silver 4 cooper or 25.04 silver
  2. Cost of 2 cores of the same type.
  3. Cost of Crystalline Dust
  4. Value of upgraded Loadstone.

Add the cost of the Wine, Crystalline Dust and the 2 cores. Divide by .85.
This will give you the breakeven value that you need to sell for if the upgraded Loadstone is higher then.

If Crystalline Dust 20 silver
 Molten Core is 10 Silver
 Wine is 25.04 silver
20+(2x10)+25.04 = 65.04 silver
65.04/.85 = 76.52 Silver

If the bid (or buy side) of Molten Lodestones are higher then 76.52, the difference is all profit! If you want a higher profit and have patience, you can slowly sell a few at a time just under the offer (sell price).

Have fun and go make some gold!


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