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How to Sell Items on Trading Post that You Farm

"Hi Markco,
Thanks for your blog post in response to my "where do I start" questions :)  Sorry it has taken me a while to get back to you on that... was in the middle of a move.
Quick question... when you are selling items that you get from killing mobs on the trading post and there is a huge difference between the buy order and the listing price, what do you do?  For example, the highest buy order on an item might be 10s 5c but the lowest seller listing is 50s 10c... what do you do?  In most cases, I see this for green (masterwork) items.  I have tried the -1 copper, but my item just sits there for several days and never sells.  I've been pulling it from the trading post and salvaging it and accepting the loss of coin from doing that.  I was just wondering what you would do in that case.


Hey Chad, good question, and here's how you should handle the situation.

First, understand why there is a gap between buy orders and sell listings.

1. Buy orders aren't allowed to be higher (you'll just instantly purchase a cheaper sell listing.
2. There is usually between a 1-15% gap just because of the taxes on selling items. If it's more than that's a red flag that your item probably won't sell for the cheapest listing price.

So if the numbers are within 15%, sell for a copper under sell listing. Don't cancel or you'll lose 5% investment.

Conversely, if the gap between prices is more than 15%, split the difference with your listing but only sell one at a time to see if it works before selling a lot at once.

Lastly, pay attention to what things can turn into (Salvaging, Crafting, Opening, Mystic Forging). There are always alternatives to selling outright.


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