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Last Minute Item Collection Speculation

Written by Draco.

Shopping List for Tuesday's September 9th Feature Pack

Top items to buy:

  1. Eggs
  2. Butter
  3. Onion
  4. Garlic
  5. Iron
  6. Silver
  7. Copper
  8. Jute
  9. All loot bags
With the new upcoming Items Collections system of achievements that will coming up, I believe that there will be some massive crafting upcoming.

This set of achievements will be rewarded not only with achievement points, but also reward items!

This means everyone will be going to get their tiers of achievements up as quickly as possible to get  these rewards!

Apparently there will be achievements to craft everything from armor to weapons, foods to jewelry!
Craft it, consume it, buy it or unlock the skin to get your tier's up and get rewarded!

I think not only crafting items, but opening loot bags, I'm sure opening dyes (or opening unidentified ones), consuming all types of nourishment, potions, etc.

The buy list is only the top items I'm stacking up on right now. I am sure there are a lot of others that will rise in price. Especially those that are in tight supply . Low supply means prices can get pushed up high and fast. Here I would look at Thin leather straps, some pebbles, Prickly pears, grapes , etc.

Strap yourself in for this ride, it's going to be fast and intense!

Happy trading!


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