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Secret Easter Egg in GW2 Trading Post

"Hi Markco, I've been a member of the private forum in the past and I've read your blog for almost a year. Today I was browsing reddit and I found a tip that might help you. Go on the trading post and search "I am Evon Gnashblade" with proper punctuation and the search results will start using smaller font with less blank space to increase the number of viewable results. I'm not a hardcore TP flipper so IDK if it's will help make flipping more efficient but anyway hope you like it. Thanks for making the TP flipping blog and doing what you do, it's helped me alot.

Turns out typing "I am Evon Gnashblade" into the search bar immediately activates the Easter Egg; you don't even have to press enter!
Try it! :)


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