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Small Tips for Big Halloween Profits

(Written by Draco)

Happy changing of the seasons to everyone.  This time of the year (as you can all see) mean only one thing; Halloween Time. For GW2 is almost time for new events and hopefully a lot of new fun items for us all. This means to the speculators that we should be buying some items in preparation for these events.

Here is what I have been stocking up on all summer:

1- Pieces of Candy Corn - I have a strange feeling that these are going to be needed for something new ANET is going to offer for this event and it will center around this item. Not sure if it’s a recipe or trade in type of deal, but I have been buying a lot of them expecting something interesting. Buy them now and watch the price rise over the next 30 days!

2- Chattering Skulls - Possible some interesting new recipes using these.

3- Plastic Fangs - Loved them as a child, those wax teeth you can chew till the sun came up. Just wish there was more flavor. Well, I'm hoping ANET will put some extended flavor crystals or something in these as well to make them an interesting speculation to hold a few stacks of.

4- Nougat Centers - not so big on, & I could be wrong. Grabbed a few stacks just in case.

5- Trick-or-Treat bags. I think these are going to go crazy price wise because of the potential drops this will give out. I think there will be some great treats ANET will be giving us for this Halloween event. Buy them now. If ANET does what I think they will do and offer some awesome stuff, we will be happy we have these in hand.

6 - Pristine Toxic Spore Samples - Lower on my list of speculations, but these might have something going on as well. Grabbed a few stacks just in case.

Once you have all these set aside in your storage, don't forget about them while you're having a blast with the Holiday events!

Make sure you have a bit of room aside for the next round of holiday items as well. Start watching them and try to buy them on the cheap. Here are a few to get you started:

  1. -Wintersday Gifts - Small and Large are my picks,
  2. -Snowflakes - Pristine and Flawless Flakes
  3. -The Ugly Three! That’s right, the SOCKS, HATS and SWEATERS only a mother can love seeing anyone in. I have these from shortly after last year at 3 copper each for socks and hats, and 9 copper for the sweaters.  If you see good prices, grab them now.
  4. - Choir Bells - for the amusement and enjoyable Christmas Carrols in the cities.
  5. - Drop of Magic Glue - might want watch these. This with a few other items made minis last year.

Hope you all have a fun Halloween Event season all.


  1. Denny Kwee said...:

    You could investing on corn nodes. Happen like clockwork things. Hope the history repeated itself

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