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Mmmm Piece of Candy!

Written by Denny:
Related to trending GW2 event nowadays, we find something are oversupplied like skull chattering, piece of candy corn, nougat center and trick-or-treat bags. The most of my fave between those item is candy corn and bags.

First, Piece of Candy Corn is the most demanded by peoples and more applicable for future outside of the event. The price should be 33-34 bronze at perfect market (this if i count 10g for a 20 slot bag : 3000pcs Candy Corn because this is the main item obtainable beside event). But the market is crazy, used to rosing till 1,5 silver. This happen before the consumeable recipe using Candy Corn release. This might rosing more + with extra inflation of online gaming that always happens (we could say inflation based by gem price at gem store we put it like gold in real life). In short the price of Candy Corn while im writting this is 18-19 bronze bid price. you can bid more lower price like 14- 15 bronze in near future if the supply keep like this and put it your guild stash if u have, if u dont have, build it now to dump 50x250 candy corn. What really annoys me so much, why the price rosing 30-50% right before the event started. So my target price to buy is around 14-16 bronze and dump it till 33 bronze, 1 silver, or back to 1,5s or more cause of inflation. Let say the worst case we bought it at 18 bronze, and we sell it 33 bronze each, with that calculation and fee charged the profit is 10,05 bronze ea and your net margin is 55%. If u might sell way more higher price, well congrats for the profit. So... dont afraid with price keep declining by oversupply, I think it is favorable for us to buying and keeping it and dont sell it in large number after the event to keep us low profile and more hold back the supply. 50 guild stash cost less than 25g if you fulling it with candy corn, low budget gambling to catch a good fortune, might be 100g in not near future.

Second, What I do these days is helping oversupplying bags and keep the other loot in hand while the event. I mostly farming bags. Few of em I open it for AP, mostly I sell it in TP like 5,3s recently, when i sell it first time event started is like 7s. If you lazy enough to farming door and roaming around Labyrinth, you could buy vial of maize balm. This Maize balm could transform an ambient/s to a candy monster with 3 recharge per using and the monster 100% drop a bag (only 1, not more like the real mob in labyrinth). the strategy is you can go to Borderlands SE camp, throw it to some chickens. 1 Throw will hit 2 chicken and there is 6 chicken would be transformed to candy monster (count first before you throw it to the chicks). You will get 6 bag x 5 silver, minus fee, minus cost of balm like 7-9silver and at least 17silver at hand.


  1. Anonymous said...:

    This was such a poorly written post, compared to your usual standards. I understand it's written by someone else and perhaps English isn't their first language, but perhaps you should run a quick check to tidy up the language prior to posting or otherwise summarize it. It would make it far easier to read.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Regardless, the advice is quite sound.

  1. Jules said...:

    I'm glad I was ahead of the game this time around. This is great advice. I can't say the same for the writing.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    English isn't my first language though I consider myself decent at it, but I had a really hard time understanding what the author is saying. What I got from it (and what I've already done) is stacking up a shitload of candycorn and maize balm for the future because inflation is hitting really hard at the moment.

  1. Denny Kwee said...:

    Sorry my bad. Simply buy candy cheap.
    Target Price:
    1. Based Intrisic Value: 33 bronze
    2. Usual market: 1silver
    3. Usual market+infla: 1,3 silver or more

    Selling time depends yours.
    Vial of balm & bag just for quick sell in TP, sell it while a bit pricey

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Has everyone done the maize balm ambient farm yet? Easy gold

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