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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for visiting this blog. Recently I have taken a serious interest in creating my own video games (namely on the xbox360 but now also for steam). While this means that my attention is driven away from the Guild Wars 2 economy temporarily, I don't want to reduce the content production on this blog.

Several writers have come forward and submitted articles, as well as gotten paid for them! The articles have earned between $10 and $30 each, and I really hope this incentive creates a greater number of people to step forward and write for this blog.

Speculation, current strategies, gold making basics, etc. All are good fits for this blog and you don't have to be rich in game! Common sense is not so common for the newer players, and so I often post basic information with a new twist for the more experienced demographics.

Please go here to see rules for submitting articles. You can always ask me questions as well.

If you could show support for my latest game, One Night Two Crazies, that would be awesome!

Try for free on XBOX360.

Please vote yes on Steam.

Hilarious compilation video of people playing on youtube.

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