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What to Do With Stockpiles of Mithril

Written by Jayne:

What do you do with a hoard of mithril?

Most of us who’ve been playing the game for a while will have a huge stockpile of mithril ore cluttering up our materials tab, and possibly even a few bank slots. With the ore itself selling for less than 30 copper at the time of writing, it seems largely worthless, right?


If you have your armorsmithing discipline levelled to 325, there’s some money to be made from that apparently worthless metal.

18-slot fine boxes may not seem the most lucrative of markets, but they’re fairly consistent in pricing. They tend to shift within a couple of hours of listing, although if you want to avoid undercutting it’s best to list them in small clusters of two or three. The two you want to be paying attention to are the 18-slot equipment boxes and the 18-slot safe boxes, which require the following:

1) 10 Mithril Ingots 2)  1 Greater Rune of Holding (bought for 2g from the armorsmithing vendor)
3) 3 Large Scales or Piles of Incandescent Dust (currently 3s 35 and 1s 33 respectively from the TP)

A word of caution – the scales and incandescent dust can fluctuate in price (sometimes rising as high as 4 silver per unit!) so be careful when buying and remember to adjust the numbers accordingly.

Using the prices at the time of writing, you’d need to list equipment boxes for a minimum of 2g 47s and the safe boxes for 2g 40s to break even after trading post fees. They generally sell around the 2g 60s mark - that’s a profit of between 10-20 silver per box, and I’ve seen them sell for more than that in the past.

A side note for leatherworkers – this also works with 18-slot oiled packs, which require thick leather squares and 3 large bones (3s 38 each) in place of the scales and dust. They’re currently selling for 3g 30s, which gives you a nice 70 silver profit per bag!

So, if you’re looking for a way to de-clutter your collection of tier 5 salvage materials and make some money in the process, there’s plenty to be made in crafting.


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